Let’s be candid

I welcome the report that was “leaked” to the public.

Not just because its very existence was driven by Council’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy – Prosperity 2020.

Not just because they report would have become public when staff reported back to Council.

Not just because it precipitated a constructive conversation today with a new industrythat has chosen to settle in Guelph.

But because if we are truly serious about doing business differently, if we want to find a better way, we are going to have to have a lot more uncomfortable and candid conversations just like this.

UPDATE: Read the report here.

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7 Comments on “Let’s be candid”

  1. Neil Sarginson Says:

    Karen, are you prepared to admit you are a big part of the problem ? How about standing up and letting council voting freely on all issues, instead of the same block that always seems to vote with ?
    How about running the city like a business. In this case face we are in tough financial times and do what any other business today is doing, cutting all spending that is no immediately necessary, let’s start with:
    1) Garbage trucks and implementing the new garbage plan. This is nice to have, but Guelph is not going to make money on this venture for some time.
    2) Downtown staking rink, we do not need it, nice to have.

    At this point in time, all the people I speak with are just shaking their heads at what is happening at city hall. Many expressed concerns, many just wish the city treated their money like it was their own. A very sad state of affairs.

    Sadly we still have a few years until the next election, so the only path open is to plea with you to correct all the mistakes you are making and to finally squeeze every penny out of city hall that you can. My money is on you doing nothing different and sadly watching the city slowly continue to decay.


  2. Al van der Laan Says:

    A “leaked” report generally means the report did not obtain the stamp of approval to be publicly discussed and or printed. I am very worried that you seem to embrace that this document has found its unofficial way to the news paper and if I may Your Worship I feel that council should be very serious about this leaked document. It goes without saying that we should have discussions about the content after an official publication. What if there were still some very serious spelling errors in the document and needed to get proofed and just this spelling mistake would twist a sentence….. Please do not embrace these actions, clearly indicate that City Hall has a task to produce official approved and printed materials.

  3. Neil Sarginson Says:

    People typically leave in such a public manner when they feel completely frustrated and have little faith that any other action would have an impact.

    We could discuss the merits of this action from many sides, bottom line, there is a huge problem at city hall, how are you going to fix it ?

  4. Fred Says:

    So the City of Guelph isn’t business friendly. What they are saying is that companies
    can’t bully the council into giving them carte blanche permission to do whatever they
    want. That’s a good thing. I didn’t move here to live in a high density ghetto down wind
    of corporate smokestacks. Good for council for standing up for green fields and
    granola values. I like this council and I’m voting for them in the next election.

  5. Fred Says:

    ““Some councillors do definitely put up roadblocks to development,” Guthrie said. “There are some people on council that are anti-development, straight up. They embrace the radical activism and social engineering of the left and it’s not welcoming.

    “They go into that (council) chamber and their worlds are full of unicorns and rainbows,” Guthrie said. “It’s not reality.”

    Reality is whatever you want it to be. Too bad that Mr. Guthrie likes to label opposing
    progressive viewpoints as left wing or airy fairy. It’s obvious that the current economic
    situation isn’t meeting human needs. It’s also obvious that the people of Ontario
    disagreed with the Liberal Party’s policies, one of which was designating cities for high
    density growth. If developers and business people don’t like Guelph policies, go build
    your own city somewhere else.

  6. anonymous Says:

    Not good for business either, 20 jobs for a flour mill that is coming in a few years, while hundreds more are going to be lost between now and then.

    I believe if you can fix the problems in the city as per becoming more business friendly, less people will be disillusioned with the city, and its administration instead of wasting money.

    Hopefully the next few years go fast, then we could stand to get new council that actually helps businesses instead of running them out of town.

  7. neB Says:

    All I can say is from the history of this mayor, nothing will change, Even with the well written back peddling lip service she is providing’ there is an agenda and ego that must be fulfilled Example. Green collection. Been a cluster ever since they have tried to implement it over the past 15 years. But still, it was pushed thru council to build another one?! Blows me away. Guelph has part time councillers, so important decisions are made by part timers? we do not have the technical expertise to do this, and it currently validated by the stench from the new and improved composting plant.

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