Let’s be Candid – Part 2

Guelph has made lots of “liveability” lists over the years.

MSN called Guelph “Canada’s next most liveable city” outside of the big three of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Researcher and author Richard Florida ranked Guelph as one of the country’s top five places to live for single people, professionals, and families. We regularly rank highly on MoneySense magazine’s list of Canada’s best cities to call home. Guelph will soon be featured on the Discovery Channel as a “gem” of a city in Canada – the only Canadian city to be showcased.

I have often heard this described at the “Guelph Factor” – interesting that this term should also appear in the context of our development approvals process although, this time, in a less than flattering light (see previous post).

A well-designed and liveable city does not happen by accident. This is not the work of a single person alone but of thousands over the last 184 years – an eclectic cast of individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and professions.

A leading role has been cast to our municipal planners.

As we work through the observations, perceptions and experiences of the members of our staff and the development industry who were interviewed as part of the review of our development planning approvals process, we should not forget this.

There is a baby in this bathwater that is worth protecting as we strive to improve the way we do business.

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