$2M for new water innovations in Guelph

MPP Liz Sandals was on hand this morning to announce three Provincial grants for investments in our water and wastewater systems of over $2 million. 

We have an incredible amount of expertise in our Water and Wastewater Departments.  City staff apply this expertise not only to providing excellent services to the people of Guelph.  They are also developing innovations that are making a difference beyond our borders.  This morning’s announcement provides three excellent examples of these innovations:

1.      Water System Efficiency Upgrade – This will improve efficiency of the provision of drinking water, reduce water loss and lower energy consumption.  This made-in-Ontario technology will enable staff to assess real-time changes in the transmission system.  This technology may be exported around the world

 2.      Bus Wash Rainwater Harvesting and Rinse Water Recirculation – This initiative will reduce potable water consumption and wash chemical requirements for washing Guelph Transit buses.  Water consumption will be reduced about 2,100 m³ annually (a 40% reduction). Chemical use will be reduced about 40% annually.  Less water will be consumed and less wastewater will require treatment.  It also matches the appropriate water quality to the task (rainwater/grey water).  This cost-effective solution may be used by other small to medium transit operations

 3.      Sidestream-mainstream Anammox treatment – This will improve the reliability of meeting effluent ammonia target for our wastewater.  Anammox organisms will be used to remove ammonia from the digester filtrate.  This will reduce operational costs.  This technology could be exported across Ontario and around the world

What are the benefits of innovation?

  • We are seeing the benefits locally of being a leader in the energy sector with a growing Solar Cluster of businesses
  • We are now seeing the growth of a Water Cluster.  
  • We are attracting jobs and investment.  
  • We are benefiting the City and the taxpayer.  
  • We are making a name for Guelph nationally and internationally.  
  • And we are making a difference locally and globally. Clean water is one of our most valuable resources.  Providing clean water globally is one of the great challenges of our time

Thank you to our staff and business partners for your success in this competitive process for funding.


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4 Comments on “$2M for new water innovations in Guelph”

  1. geo Says:

    If you want to benefit me a taxpayer then please rescind the 10% increase of my water rate.This should be a piece of cake what with $2,000,000 in free money from the province, washing the buses with hardly any water at all and a reduction in operational costs. As a matter of fact I should be getting a refund.

  2. missbromide Says:

    I think this is a fantastic initiative.
    However, I find these “excellent services” to be questionable. In my neighborhood a few months ago the city did water testing. It found lead pipes. These pipes have yet to be changed in the streets. How long before this is done? Or do you not mind if we’re being poisoned here?

  3. geo Says:

    I did, shouldn’t the little number move to one

  4. kfarbridge Says:

    For information about the program to “Get the Lead Out”:


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