Talk about issue management?

  • New routes to learn
  • New bus stop locations to find
  • Riders left behind on some routes when buses are at capacity
  • Missed connections
  • More transfers for some riders
  • Riders missing appointments
  • Riders late for work or school
  • Drivers receiving the brunt the frustration
  • Troubling first hand reports that some drivers are not helping the situation

I don’t want to make light of the magnitude of the change for everyone involved. Change is not easy and for some it is  downright hard.

Yet all of this goes to confirm that Guelph Transit is needed in our community and a valued public service. Let’s keep it that way.

The changes have been made to make sure we can support and grow the service over the next decades. We used to have a small town radial system where all the transfers occurred at one location and at the same time. We are not a small town anymore.

To build the architecture for a growing city means a transition to a different type of system with transfers occurring in more than one location and at different times. It will be a different experience for some of our riders.

We carry 25,000 riders a day. For many, the system is working now they have had time to adapt to new routes and new bus stops.

Fixes have been found for many of the trouble spots.

Solutions are underway for the remaining trouble areas.

Please keep the feedback coming – good and bad! The goal here is to make it work for everyone as best as any system can.

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2 Comments on “Talk about issue management?”

  1. Paul Says:

    prices for familys need to be fixed, it is sad when i can take my family of three by cab for close to the same price as a bus, and the cab picks me up and drops me off at doorsteps. a sugestion would be to make transfers last longer and be able to use them for return fare after shopping

  2. B.M. Says:

    The city tells us that they are addressing the problems with transit.It took 5 weeks to put 1 stop back for ARC ind.,5 weeks of numerous complaints in the industrial areas has resulted in absolutely no changes.The seniors areas that lost all their stops in the Woodlawn/Woolwich run has only been addressed by removing stops. I have been telling the mayor/city council and the executive director of transit for 5 weeks now that we need to go back to the old routes while they readdress the situation.The current pace of fixing things is far too slow.I was told by Derek McCaughan (executive director) that a lot of people want the old routes back but it not so easy,he cited communication with the riders as an issue.I have explained repeatedly that flyers on every bus will reach all riders(communication problem solved) Going back to the old routes would by default eliminate all the problems brought on by this system and it would be putting back routes that have served their respective areas for 40 years or more(these routes should never have been touched). The old routes are Woolwich,Paisley/Imperial,Willow West,Conestoga,Stone Rd.,College Ave.,Grange,Victoria,General hospital. That is 9 routes,the industrial areas need to be in 20 minute peak no matter what system is being run as 30 minute just can’t be done.20 minute peak puts back all our stops and will only sync up once an hour at the square but create shorter waits and much better options for connecting buses and will shorten the amount of time that has been added to our day out in these areas,30 to 50 minutes for most industrial riders. If they get flyers on the buses by next Monday and start putting back the old stops and schedules at a rate of 2 routes per day that would be 2 to 3 weeks to have the old system back in place and then we have a system that works and they can address the 8 or 9 routes that have a problem doing 30 minutes without causing all these problems for us. Our city officials are now saying there are less complaints because people are getting used to this system,I contend people just got frustrated with a lack of response and gave up.Don’t email, email the mayor.. or the executive director.. , Don’t take NO or no response as an answer,remember,these people work for us,we don’t work for them.This is our transit system,the people have spoken and been ignored for the most part.Let’s make them understand that we need our good system back at no more cost than what we already pay our transit employee’s(no bonuses and definitely NO MORE CONSULTANTS)

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