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While I know there would have been residents impacted by St. Patrick’s Day festivities over the weekend, the excellent work of our Guelph Police Services and By-law Enforcement Officers to “anticipate and defuse problems”, as Fred noted, meant that these weekend events did not overshadow the good news events on the weekend – like College Royal.

On Friday, I participated in the wrap of 5 Days for the Homeless. 5 Days for the Homeless is a national campaign that takes place at over 25 Universities across Canada.  The campaign aims to raise awareness and funds for at-risk and homeless youth across Canada.  The local campaign raises funds for the Wyndham House a local charity organization that offers support, services, and shelter to the most in need in our community.  The campaign sees commerce students who were selected by application sleep outside for five days and give up many other comforts such as having no money and relying on donated meals to eat.  They also must attend all classes and other commitments.


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One Comment on “Town and Gown”

  1. Linda Craig Says:

    I am glad that the St Patrick’s day bash did not impact on your weekend. Mine was awful, being that I live on a street that has more transient unengaged residents, and absentee landlords, than permanent residents now.
    Noise, garbage, and threats was what my weekend was all about.There were lots of drunk parties on roof tops. The police would come, they would get down, then immediately climb up again. This used to be a really nice street. Now at times I am fearful to go out my door at night.
    Yes the police are doing the best they can, and bylaw, they work really hard, and try to respond, but how can they when we are so outnumbered in certain areas of Guelph now. There are not enough of them to keep up with the problem when the numbers are what they are. I am glad that we did not have an occurance such as London, I can see it coming though. Every year gets worse.
    No wonder the University does not want bars on Campus, it is now our problem. Personally I am finding every year, these problems are overshadowing the many things that made Guelph a really great place to live.

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