Lots of good reasons to be a donor

This is National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week. Only about a quarter of the people in our community are registered donors. You can visit beadonor.ca to register online (just having a signed donor card isn’t enough).

To kick off the week, we raised a beadonor.ca flag at City Hall. At the flag raising, I remarked that organ donation has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to a 20-year-old named Helene Campbell who received a double lung transplant at Toronto General Hospital, and has blogged about her journey. Her story has attracted attention from the likes of Justin Bieber, Don Cherry, and Ellen DeGeneres.

There are many stories like Helene’s. We heard one at the flag raising, where a donor recipient named Deanna Brady shared her story. Deanna has a chronic liver disease and was placed on the liver transplant list in April 2007. What followed was a five-year wait for a transplant, a time of health challenges and great anxiety for Deanna and her family. Deanna says, “The fear that I saw on my husband’s face or the anxiety I felt when I hugged my daughter was heartbreaking! I wanted this ordeal to be over for them as much as myself.”

 Thankfully, Deanna received her liver transplant in February 2012 and is recovering well. She says, “I will be forever grateful to my donor family who unselfishly made the decision to donate their loved ones’ organs. Because of them, I have a chance again!”

Deanna Brady shares her story at the beadonor.ca flag raising.


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One Comment on “Lots of good reasons to be a donor”

  1. Aunty Dorothy Says:

    “Organ donors save lives, please sign up to be an organ donor.” Such simple statements, but oh so important.
    Our families waited with Deanna, prayed for Deanna thru 5 long years. When the call finally came, we were so happy for Dee and of course we couldn’t stop crying. Our second thought was, God bless the donor’s family. Without that donor this story would be very different. The gift of life is the best gift of all.

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