Planning ahead for our parks

May 2, 2012


A bold and visionary part of the downtown secondary plan is the commitment to add new park land. Parks and trails contribute significantly to our quality of life. We protect this as our city grows through a policy that establishes a standard for how much park land there should be for every resident. This is not an easy standard to achieve in a built up environment.

The decision to add new parkland also demonstrated the power of having a long term sustainable capital financing plan. In order to ensure a funding source is available after 2022 to begin to purchase land, staff also recommended collecting funds from the development that will occur during the intervening years for this purpose.

I remember in the 1990s appreciating the decision of an earlier Council who began putting money aside to pay for the expansion of the Guelph General Hospital and the reconstruction of  St. Josephs. Not only was there enough money, the interest accrued covered some additional expenses.



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