Basic Building Blocks – Roles and Responsibilities II

May 11, 2012


So Boards, and by extension Council, can adopt principles to guide the execution of their responsibilities.  And the Conference Board of Council offers a set of principles representing the best practices out of the private, public and non-profit sectors.

So following along the theme I established earlier (Basic Building Blocks, Basic Building Blocks – Roles and Responsibilities) on this topic:

  • How should City Hall manage and demonstrate performance to Council?
  • How should City Hall provide services and demonstrate value to taxpayers? 

This is the challenge that Council has issued to the CAO in developing a Corporate Strategic Plan and to “do business differently”.

Some of the principles that we are beginning to hear articulated include:

  • whole system thinking (getting rid of silos)
  • citizen-focussed service delivery
  • open government
  • enterprise risk management
  • performance measurement
  • continuous improvement

These will be refined through the strategic planning process by our staff to respond to Council.

I am not saying that these principles, or the governance principles in my previous post, are not in play within the organization today.  The value of assembling them into a comprehensive and cohesive framework is that it allows us to be more deliberate in their application and ensure they align with achieving our strategic plan to deliver performance, value and results for our community.

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