What is the pace?

I posted previously on the Corporate Strategic Framework moving forward to Council – Delivering on doing Business Differently.

Our Executive Team has identified several strategic initiatives for 2012 to support the implementation of the strategic plan. 

More than half of these initiatives are already underway. A good example is the Older Adult Strategy.  The Guelph Wellington Seniors’ Association has been a strong advocate for this comprehensive review of municipal services to ensure we are an age-friendly community and can respond effectively to the needs of an older adult population.

Several new initiatives are being undertaken at an administrative level.  A good example is the corporate-wide commitment to annual performance reporting to enhance accountability.

Six of the strategic initiatives need additional funding to either support the community momentum that has been built (e.g. the Community Wellbeing Initiative) or to drive a transformational change in the way we do business (e.g. building our capacity for business case development).  Another example of these six strategic initiatives is the development of a business case for a joint college and university campus at the Guelph Innovation District to serve as an institutional anchor for the development of these employment lands and attract new investment and jobs.  We have a window of opportunity that requires some external resources to put our best case forward to the Province.

These initiatives were approved at committee yesterday and will also go to Council along with the framework on June 25. Since the budget has been set for this year, and we do not go out to the taxpayer mid-year, these initiatives are proposed to be funded from last year’s surplus and savings (reserves).

Could we wait?  Could we go slower?  Could we take a more traditional approach to continuous improvement and make incremental changes to the way we do business?


But I believe there are compelling reasons why this would not be in the best interests of our community.


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  1. Sandra Lastovic Says:

    Wow! This is a great home for the locomotive. I remember taking my son home from the Co-op kids day care (which isn’t there anymore) and walking across the street to see the big locomotive. Kids love looking at it and admiring at how “big” it is.

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