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Council as a whole has the obligation to uphold the Code of Conduct.  It holds all of Council at a high professional standard. The standard was developed by our citizens for us to meet. 

Our citizens deserve this high standard of professional conduct and care by its elected officials – in its relationship to each other, our citizens and our staff.

If we fail to achieve this high standard consistently, we put the organization at risk on two fronts: reputational and economic/financial risk. We further impact directly on our own staff who witness these interactions which impacts on their morale and productivity, which in turn, impacts on Council, the community and our economic base.

Let’s stop this negative individual behavior and get on with leading the municipality to achieve excellence and prosperity.

In my humble opinion as Mayor and a citizen of this fine city.

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2 Comments on “A bit more…”

  1. Paul Innator Says:

    Interesting comment about the Code of Conduct being developed by the Citizens. Somehow I doubt this claim. Can the Mayor provide the names of the participating citizens? I do not think any citiizens would not want to be and thanked for this effort.
    I actually think the Code was developed by 1. Staff and reviewed by Council. OR it was developed by a few of the Mayor’s insiders which raises the question – were they compensated for their efforts?

  2. KFarbridge Says:

    The Accountability and Transparency Committee was established in 2007 by Guelph City Council.

    Their meeting agendas and minutes, including members of the committee, are posted on the City’s website.


    As with all Citizen Advisory Committees, it was comprised of volunteers from the community who responded to a call to serve.

    If you are interested in getting involved in future Advisory Committees, opportunities are advertized in the City Pages of the Guelph Tribune.

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