Diyode Community Workshop

July 18, 2012

Making a Difference

Finally had a chance to visit these Diyode Community Workshop.  These folks are serious about incubating innovation and creativity in our community!

 This is the opening statement on their website

About Diyode: I hate to say it, but as a society, I think we’ve gone off the tracks. We’ve lost our can-do attitude. We are a generation who would rather buy something than make it. Who would rather throw something away than fix it. More kids are swinging Wii remotes than hammers, and the venerable soap box derby has been completely displaced by Mariokart. Is this something that we are going to stand for, or are we going to fight it?

The Diyode Community Workshop: Diyode started with a simple idea: Build a space for makers, artists, and crafters to access tools that they would not normally have access to. Make it kid-friendly, with activities to spark interest in electronics, machine building and practical problem solving. Give people of any age the tools, the confidence, the advice, and the excitement to build and invent things themselves. Create a wonderland of possibilities and a community to match, then set it free and see what it produces.

The Diyode Community Workshop is a 1600 sqft unit at 71 Wyndham St S. We have a large workshop, equipped with a wide array of wood working and metal working tools, including drill presses, saws of every kind, lathes, routers, grinders, and a vast array of hand tools. We also have a cleanroom for electronics, robotics, and computer work.


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One Comment on “Diyode Community Workshop”

  1. Jennie Says:

    This is a fantastic idea! It is key to building a more resilient community that knows how to be resourceful, helpful and share resources.

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