How does Council intersect with the Corporate Structure

September 26, 2012


Council has its owns organizational structure and sometimes this can get confused with the corporate organizational structure – it is hard to show both at the same time.

Council has six Standing Committees that report to it.

Four are operational in nature and line up with the areas of responsibility of the five members of the Executive Team outlined in my last post.  The services under these Executive Directors flow up to Council through their respective Standing Committees.  Each Standing Committee is comprised of four members of Council and the Mayor.

Community and Social Service Committee

  • Chair – Councillor Todd Dennis
  • Members – Councillors Lise Burcher, Maggie Laidlaw and Andy Van Hellmond and  Mayor Karen Farbridge
  • Executive Director – Colleen Bell
  • Service Areas – Corporate Building Maintenance, Service Guelph, Parks and Recreation, Community Engagement and Social Services, and Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Tourism

Planning and Building, Engineering and Environment Committee

  • Chair – Councillor Leanne Piper
  • Members – Councillors Bob Bell, Lise Burcher and Cam Guthrie and Mayor Karen Farbridge
  • Executive Director – Janet Laird
  • Service Areas – Planning Services, Building Services, Engineering Services, Water Services, Wastewater Services and Solid Waste Services

Operations, Transit and Emergency Services Committee

  • Chair – Councillor Ian Findlay
  • Members – Councillors Bob Bell, Jim Furfaro, Andy Van Hellmond and Mayor Karen Farbridge
  • Executive Director – Derek McCaughan
  • Service Areas – Fleet, Transit, Public Works, Emergency Services, By-law Compliance and Security, and Traffic and Parking

Corporate Administration, Finance and Enterprise Committee

  • Chair – Councillor June Hofland
  • Members – Councillors Cam Guthrie, Gloria Kovach and Karl Wettstein and Mayor Karen Farbridge
  • Executive Directors – Al Horsman and Mark Amorosi
  • Service Areas – Legal and Realty Services, Human Resources, Court Services, Information Technology, Corporate Communication, Clerks Services, Financial Services, Economic Development, Downtown Renewal, Community Energy Initiative

There are two governance-related committees:


  • Chair – Mayor Karen Farbridge
  • Members – Councillors Ian Findlay, June Hofland, Leanne Piper and Todd Dennis


  • Chair – Councillor Cam Guthrie
  • Members – Councillors Gloria Kovach, Jim Furfaro and Karl Wettstein and Mayor Karen Farbridge

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