Wellbeing Initiative part of international case study report

November 1, 2012

Making a Difference

Guelph’s Wellbeing Initiative was part of an  international  case study report of similiar initiatives.

Shifting The Dial – From wellbeing measures to policy practice

“At a time of economic turmoil, it is unsurprising that the minds of policy makers focus on the question of how to restart economic growth. But important as it is, economic growth it is only one element of what makes peoples’ lives good. GDP has traditionally been used as the preeminent snapshot measure of how society is progressing, based on the view that a growing economy will result in an improving society. However, in recent decades people have begun to question the adequacy of GDP as an indicator of progress, especially as the link between growth and median income has begun to break down. There is also a wider question of what matters in life, and it is this that the debate about individual and societal wellbeing seeks to capture….

This report shares the findings of a project undertaken by Carnegie UK Trust and IPPR North to ask what needs to happen to ensure that measuring wellbeing is made to matter in policy-making practice. The project involved visiting six case studies that are, in different ways, further ahead than the UK with measuring wellbeing These were: the City of Somerville (Massachusetts, USA); the Commonwealth of Virginia (USA); Toronto’s Vital Signs project (Canada); the City of Guelph (Canada); the Canadian Index of Wellbeing; and France.”

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