Another Telephone Town Hall – Public Nuisance By-law

November 20, 2012


We had great success on our telephone town hall for the Community Wellbeing Initiative.

 If you missed that one, we have another coming on the proposed Public Nuisance By-law.

 This new by-law will provide by-law officers and police with tools to address minor, unwanted behaviour or activities on City-owned property and, in certain limited cases, private land, without laying criminal charges.

 Of significance, the draft by-law provides tools to address: 

  • Activities that endanger the public using City facilities 
  • Activities that damage City facilities or land, including protests, rallies, or camping
  • Parties on private property that may affect public safety

 Council has not yet weighed in on the proposed Public Nuisance By-law. We have put it directly out for public input. So let’s hear what you have to say.

The details are available on here:

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4 Comments on “Another Telephone Town Hall – Public Nuisance By-law”

  1. piero Says:

    I must say I enjoy living here and my experiences with the townships civil servants have been unexpectedly pleasant for the most. I truly feel they are doing more than a great job.

    Reading the draft I have come to the conclusion the the concept is good, unfortunately the reality is that the only people it protects are city employees.

    Legal issues tend to destroy families and lives. The focus should be on protecting “people” and their fundamental rights and freedoms in this wonderful place and make it a better place for “everyone”. Laws are already in place for criminal activity.

    To sum up my humble thoughts on the townships stance on this draft :

    If you are not breaking a law, then we will create an act or statute, so that it appears that you are and someone with defacto authority will control and tax you into submission with the power and the force of law at any cost to you…aka “a tool to control”.
    You will be guilty upon being charged and we will seize your property, tax/fine you if you are caught doing something we do not approve of..even if its lawful and legal.

    Nuisances are just that…and they are lawful. Criminal behaviour is not what we are trying to control here.

    The laws are already federally and provincially enforced for criminal behaviour.


    Soon there will be a law against thinking a certain way .


  2. KFarbridge Says:

    I encourage you to participate in the public consultation. The details are available on here:

  3. David Schaller Says:

    The mayor of Guelph does not not respond to email.

  4. KFarbridge Says:

    Dave, I have reviewed all of the correspondence to and from you, my office, ward Councillors and staff. I note that you have received responses from the appropriate staff on my behalf and from your ward Councillors. In the most recent round of communications, I have primarily been copied on correspondence to your two ward councillors. They have been responsive to you and have offered to speak and/or meet with you. I can find one e-mail addressed to me and copied to your ward Councillors that I did not respond to because Councillor Dennis offered to meet with you. In lieu of that meeting: Yes, the Enterprise Budgets have been approved. Correct, the Enterprise Budgets are supported by either water and wastewater rates, building permits fees or fines. Finally, the link the Councillor Dennis has provided to all the budget material is correct. If you are asking me to weigh in on an earlier conversation that you were having with your ward councillors (particularly Councillor Dennis) then this is my response. The same tax rate and tax ratio are applied to all residential properties in the city. The difference in taxes from one property to another is a direct result of the assessed value of that property. The assessed value of the property is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). MPAC is a provincial agency.

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