Council made a decision to cancel the annual pick up of Christmas Trees.  It was not a big budget item – $22,000.  However, we only picked up a little over 6,000 trees last year so why should the other approximately 40,000 homes pay for this service and the choice of 6000 homes to have a live Christmas Tree and have it picked up by the City.

A simple budget decision has released the amazing creativity of our community.  The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington has partnered with Terry’s Tree Service to offer a pick up service as a fundraiser – Trees for Tots!

They are working out the details so follow them on twitter #TreesForTotsGuelph or check out their website http://www.childrensfoundation.org/ for details as they develop. 

Another way to give back during the holiday season.


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2 Comments on “#TreeForTotsGuelph”

  1. Ron Says:

    “Our property tax system is not a user-pay system; we all contribute to the municipal waste management system regardless of whether we use municipal waste collection.”

    This is a direct quote from the city’s tax page” Questions about property taxes for condominiums”

    The same reason that the city gives condo owners for not supplying all services to condominiums is the exact reason the city should continue with the Christmas tree pickup.40 000 homes can certainly subsidize the 6 000 homes that choose to have a real Christmas tree just as condo owners pay for services they don’t use.

    As the city says about our taxes, ” It’s a way for everyone to share the cost of delivering essential public programs, facilities and services. Even if we choose not to use a particular service, “

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I have to agree with Ron on this one. If I remember the numbers correctly from the Trib, 6000 homes had trees picked up last year and the Mayor indicated 40000 did not. For those complaining about having to pay for a service that you don’t use, the elimination of this $22000 from the budget will save you less than 50 cents per household. (22000 dollars spread over 46000 homes). Was it that big a deal? I haven’t had a real tree for years but it irritates me that this cut is being presented as a favour to taxpayers. Do I get to pick and choose where I want my tax dollars to go?

    I realize the cuts have to come from somewhere, but it certainly seems like the Mayor and at least half of City Council are nickel-and-diming us while money is being thrown at pet projects like City Hall, the Museum, and acquisitions for a mega-library that the City simply cannot afford.

    All that said, cheers to Trees for Tots for an innovative idea.

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