Lots of Substance at the Guelph-Wellington Economic Summit

January 18, 2013

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What a great Economic Summit we just had! I was impressed to see leaders from our business community and local government come together to discuss the City of Guelph and County of Wellington’s economic development plans.  It was true cross-section of representation from small to medium businesses, manufacturing, arts and culture, tourism, agriculture, to academic, research and development. The Planning Committee did an excellent job in engaging our community.

The primary purpose of the Economic Summit was to put our economic priorities to the test and in doing so showcase the attractiveness of the region for new businesses, local innovation, and the strong partnerships that exist between the private sector, government and the academic community.

What was really exciting for me was the positive energy in the room and great ideas that were generated during the sessions. I was only able to tweet a few of them during the day.

There was general agreement for further assessment of workforce development capacity and requirements.

A call was made for building even more strategic partnerships both locally and regionally.

There were strong views about branding and marketing Guelph and Wellington to the outside world.  We need to tell our story – what makes us unique. To compete with other regions for investment, talent, and jobs, we need to stand out.

What are the next steps? The Planning Committee will meet to review the input and to map out the course of action. Implementing the outcomes of the Economic Summit is a collective responsibility. A lot of enthusiasm and momentum has been generated and our task is to sustain it.

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