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One of the issues raised during consultations for the Community Wellbeing Initiative was to reduce commute times and to promote living and working in community.  I couldn’t agree more. Long commutes can be frustrating. Gridlock is estimated to cost the Canadian economy $10 billion a year. In this regard, I encourage you to join the conversation on “Cut my Commute” led by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  This conversation is about finding ways of improving public transit in major cities. People rely on transit to get them to work, to school, to church, to shopping, to appointments and events. Transit keeps our community connected. It also brings broad municipal benefits, by taking cars off the road. That means less congestion, less wear and tear on the roads, and less pollution. It’s good for our environment and for economic development. Add your voice to “Cut my commute.”

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4 Comments on “Cut my commute”

  1. Brian McMullen Says:

    Our current transit system does not help cut commute times.Since the move back to 20 min. I have complained numerous times to transit about the 2A loop bus not making the connection with other buses at 8am.I have had my emails forwarded to Fred Gerrior (planning/scheduling) only to be told there is nothing he can do to fix the problem.
    The 2A is an 80 min. route,being the only route serving Woolwich St. there is no way it should be 80 min. nor should it extend from Woodlawn to Stone Rd.This run should be a perimeter run and Woolwich needs a bus serving the area as we always had.We were told by the city that if we explain our problems in detail to transit they will be dealt with,I have done this only to receive another form answer.Time for the city to fix this!!!!

  2. AS Says:

    Don’t bother trying to do that by taking Guelph Transit to work, however. I could drive in 6 minutes, or take the bus in and make it there in 40 minutes.

  3. Brian McMullen Says:

    If the city wants people out of cars and on transit why do you make it so inconvenient for about 65 percent of transit riders to get to the square,and make every effort to make it so much more convenient for people in cars?????

  4. Transit Guelph Says:

    Dear Mr. McMullen,

    On February 3, 2013 Guelph Transit made a change to the schedules and service frequency for all base routes and included Route 20 Northwest Industrial in our base service. This change was made in an effort to improve on-time service performance and connections at Guelph Central Station and the University Centre. Since this time our service times and connections have significantly improved.

    Your post, dated March 11, 2013, indicates that you are still experiencing service connection concerns. Please contact Guelph Transit directly to report your missed connection; we will investigate the incident and, depending on the outcome of the investigation, either address the delay with the driver or add the comment for inclusion in the next service review to be completed by our Scheduling & Planning department. Your post also notes your dissatisfaction with the design of Route 2 West Loop. This route was designed based research conducted by Dillon Consulting when developing our new route system as part of the Transit Growth Strategy. Route 2 West Loop provides bi-directional service on Woolwich Street and Gordon Street, between the University Centre and Woodlawn Road, with a major connection at Guelph Central Station. This route replaced the service on Woodwich Street, previously provided by Route 1 Woodlawn; a service that did not provide bi-directional coverage between Speedvale Avenue and Woodlawn Road. At this time, there are no plans to change the route design of Route 2 West Loop.

    If you have any other concerns or questions regarding our service, please contact us directly at 519-822-1811, email or mail your letter to Guelph Transit, C/O City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph ON N1H 3A1.

    Guelph Transit

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