Speak out about hate crimes

I was very disappointed to read of the vandalism at a local mosque in the Guelph Mercury.

The graffiti is offensive and a true ‘hate’ crime.  It does not represent who we are as a nation or as a community.

Guelph Police Services is encouraging anyone with information to come forward as well as denounce the graffiti. 

As a community that values the principle of inclusivity, we should make sure we swiftly speak out against actions like this.


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3 Comments on “Speak out about hate crimes”

  1. kfarbridge Says:

    I sent my concerns to the President of the Muslim Society of Guelph and here is part of his thoughtful and gracious response back:

    “I appreciate your kind words and support. I am sure it is an act of some individuals as camera footage suggest that there were two youngster who did that.

    I really hope we can reach out to those youth and invite them to visit us and see what is our faith is all about and who was Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.”

    Very nice.

  2. Andrea Says:

    It is sad to see that in our community, which takes pride in its reputation for education, such ignorance and intolerance persists. As much as there are only two individuals visible on the surveillance tape, the responsibility for this hateful harassment lies with parents, educators and mentors as well that have ignore, if not actively encouraged, the narrow-minded attitudes and beliefs of these individuals.

    As a community, we must embrace, welcome and strive to understand the things that make us different; as these are the things that strengthen us and make us a vibrant, productive community.

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    ― Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. Asif Manzoor Says:

    If incidents like these do not bring us closer as a community of all faiths and beliefs, the hate mongers win. I do however believe, strongly, that they lose every time.

    As for those who feel uncomfortable with the idea of Muslims in their neighborhoods, please know that it is only the fear of the unknown. Open the door to my home and you’ll find your story.. and a story of every other Guelphite. A toddler staring at the safety gate on the stairs, a preschooler searching for soon-due library books, a mother reminding to sort the recyclables and a father’s pain after stepping on a Lego piece. Now, you may spot a Quran on the bookshelf, a prayer mat on the ottoman and a missed call from a relative perhaps with an Arabic sounding name but it won’t look all that scary.. I promise 🙂

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