May 31, 2013

Making a Difference

I am raising the Multicultural Flag today.  This signals that the annual festival is around the corner – June 7, 8 and 9 – in Riverside Park.  The Festival is a great time to enjoy and learn more about the many diverse cultures in our community – their food, song, dance, costume and more. 

There is something else that I learn from those who have chosen to emigrate to Canada and make Guelph their home.


It is a virtue, that as Canadians, we should all practice more. 

I recently had the pleasure of answering about a dozen letters from students in a high school class learning about civics.  Kudos to their teacher for getting them engaged in local politics.  Each writer suggested something needed improving.  Nothing wrong with that.  They were respectful, earnest and helpful in offering solutions. 

All except one. 

One letter came from a young woman who had just emigrated to Canada with her family.   Her only message to me was how grateful she was to be living in Guelph, to be going to school and able to enjoy the parks and trails in our community.


Thank you for the reminder.

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One Comment on “Gratitude”

  1. Dr Arun Trikha Ph.D,C.Chem Says:

    Thanks Karen so much for your views about Multicultural Festival. As a board member I can attest that is is a great effort by all of us especially you as our LEADER. I will be there at 11:3o for the flag rising ceremony. See you then. Thanks one again

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