Welcome to Guelph Wurth Canada!

June 6, 2013

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I was happy to participate at the Wurth Canada Limited Groundbreaking ceremony today.

These are my speaking notes for the event:

 I am very happy to be here today!

 Welcome Mr. Ernie Sweeny, President and CEO of Wurth Canada Limited, and your entire team to Guelph.

 We are very proud to be welcoming a division of the Wurth Group to Guelph.

 On behalf of the City of Guelph and its residents, I would like to thank Wurth Canada Limited for choosing the Hanlon Creek Business Park for your new Canadian head-office and warehouse facility.

 The City and its residents have made a significant investment in the development of these lands to attract investment and jobs to our community.

 Your total investment of $20 million is most welcome and is good news for our community.  Your building permit will be one the largest issued by the City in 2013.

 We certainly welcome new jobs to our community – approximately 85 initially – with the possibility of growth in the future.

 We are naturally pleased to see our vision for this Business Park being realized.

 And we are very pleased to see the quality of the architectural design of your new facility.

 You are helping us set the tone for the entire Business Park.

 Mr Sweeny, you have made the right decision in coming to Guelph.

 I hope you are as proud of your new home as we are to have you.

 The Hanlon Creek Business Park is a prime business location strategically located in Guelph’s south end with a remarkable network of trails and natural areas for your employees to enjoy.

 With the completion of the Laird Road Interchange your transportation access to Southern Ontario and beyond will be excellent.

 Guelph is blessed with a diverse and thriving local economy, two world class educational institutions, the University of Guelph and Conestoga College, and a skilled labour force of over 200,000 in Guelph and surrounding areas

 From an employee perspective, Guelph offers an exceptional quality of life.

 We are a safe community – a great place to raise a family.

 We are a diverse community – the Multicultural Festival this weekend is a time for all of us to enjoy the many benefits of our cultural diversity.

 And we are a caring community – we have been recognized as the volunteer capital of Canada and the contributions of our business community are a big part of that accolade.

 It is a particular pleasure for me to thank you for your commitment to green initiatives.

 I know you have been in discussions with Envida Community Energy Inc. to incorporate district energy into the design and development of this new Guelph facility in support of the City’s Community Energy Initiative.

 District Energy is a cornerstone of our Community Energy Initiative and our transition to a sustainable energy future.

 We are committed to building a city-wide thermal energy network and the provision of competitive and reliable energy services to our community.

 I am confident that support for District Energy would establish Wurth Canada as a leader in our community and ensure a long prosperous presence in Guelph.

 A lot of work goes into a project like this.

 In particular, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of:

  • Leeswood Construction and other consultants and engineers working on this project.
  • City staff that have played a role in the development of these lands and the facilitation of the necessary approvals to begin construction.

Thank you Wurth Canada employees for supporting this move. 

Welcome to Guelph!


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