Condos and Carts

Last night at the Corporate Administration, Finance and Enterprise Services Committee, we received a presentation from representatives of condominium owners. 

The gallery was full.

Simply put, some condominium owners are seeking a rebate on taxes.  This is not a new issue and the City’s response has been consistent and can be found on the website.  Click here.

Notwithstanding this position, a new policy matter did arise from the presentation with respect to waste collection.

I had a follow up letter today from one of the attendees that made the following comment:

“Every condo owner in the city (all 6000) wants the city to pick up their garbage and they will do everything they logically and reasonably can to accommodate the city’s requests”.

So here is the policy matter in a nutshell:

  • Should the City provide waste collection to any condominiums willing to source separate their waste? 

The change to carts is precipitating this policy matter.  Some condominiums have always had private waste collection – they were designed that way by the developer who built them or it has been their choice (real or perceived).  Some condominiums have had municipal waste collection but are struggling to adapt to the new cart system.  Some condominiums who have not had municipal collection in the past are now taking the opportunity to adapt to the cart system.

The committee could not have responsibly made a recommendation to Council on such a policy change last night without fully understanding the implications of such a change (e.g. financial, legislative, legal, etc.). So I sought and received support from the committee members to refer this matter to the Solid Waste Management Master Plan Update which is currently underway.

This is where this policy matter can be discussed fully in the context of our overall goals and objectives for waste management in our city.

I encourage condominum owners to continue to pursue this policy matter through this public consultation.

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3 Comments on “Condos and Carts”

  1. Alan Pickersgill Says:

    I really do not understand what these property management professionals are on about.

    I work at a housing co-op with 82 townhouses. We are getting the carts this year. They will be delivered later this summer and we’ll start using them in November. We have known about this for over a year, as have these other properties. We have spent our time getting ready for them, planning storage areas, educating our co-op members about it.

    As we move through the planning, we have been in steady contact with the staff at the waste collection department. Chad Scott and his staff have been exceptionally helpful and very patient. As our ideas evolved, he helped us identify solutions.

    There is nothing pleasant about waste disposal. It is something we all have to get under control or we will choke on our own garbage. I have had the carts at home since last November. They work well. Fears about odours, maggots and animals infesting the green carts are without basis. I haven’t had any problems in any of these areas.

    It is a good system. It does not take much effort to make it work. Together, we can do it.

  2. Moragh Lippert Says:

    We have been using the carts for months here at the condo on Arthur St N. It is a great system. We all take turns (ascertained in advance) putting the carts out. No worries 🙂

  3. Brian Holstein Says:

    I agree with Alan’s comments above. One finds a solution to one’s problems rather than crying out that life isn’t fair for whatever current reason.

    Shall questions about the planning for cart use be asked of future would-be developers when they bring their proposals to council? Shall council now insist that the cart system be implemented in all future developments? Will the accomodation of carts be an expectation from the Planning Department when initial concepts are presented?

    As people above have commented, there are ways for condo owners to solve the sometimes over-inflated challenges to the introduction of the carts.

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