Guelph’s Credit Rating – Guelph Mercury

It was great to see the coverage of the upgrading of Guelph’s Credit Rating in the Guelph Mercury.

Just one correction, it was the financial policies of the last term of Council that created the conditions for this and last year’s upgrading of our credit rating.

This term of Council, as a whole, can take credit for having the discipline to stay the course despite some individual efforts around the horseshoe to undermine these policies.

Credit where credit is due, I say.

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2 Comments on “Guelph’s Credit Rating – Guelph Mercury”

  1. Karl Wettstsin Says:

    Just a note to confirm the timing of the policy changes. With the help and guidance of staff our last Council developed and endorsed a number of key financial policies that have significantly impacted our Credit Ratings

  2. Dave Quinn Says:

    I applaud your recognition of those who helped you make policy work, but i do not think it necessary to point out that others did not agree with the decisions made. It sounds a little like sour grapes, and that is not you at all. You are one hell of a good mayor, and have taken this city to new levels. Never stop trying to improve, but also do not forget where you came from. Kudos for all you have done, it takes courage to take on the responsibility that you have.

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