The bridge is open again

October 25, 2013


Here are some questions and answers about the closure and reopening of the bridge:

Why are trucks having problems travelling under the Wyndham Street bridge?

The City recently installed crash beams on the bridge (as required by CN Rail) and applied final asphalt on the road; reducing clearance between the road and the bridge. The signs indicating measured clearance were updated accordingly to 4.0 metres. It appears the trucks involved in incidents under the Wyndham Street bridge were over 4.0 metres in height. It also seems the slope of the road approaching the bridge and the location of the crash beams is posing problems for longer vehicles (transport trailers). In response to the reported incidents, the City revised the crash beam sign to indicate a clearance of 3.8 metres as a precautionary measure to further deter truck drivers from attempting to pass under the bridge.

What is the height of the bridge and the new crash beams?

The bridge itself has a clearance of 4.2 metres. The crash beams are set at a clearance of 4.1 metres from the roadway. The original measured clearance signs were posted at 4.0 metres in accordance with the provincial standards.

What has the City done to address this issue?

The City posted signage to indicate “no heavy trucks” are permitted to travel beneath the Wyndham Street bridge. The prohibitive truck sign will be in effect on Wyndham Street between Fountain Street and Carden Street. The City will continue to implement the 3.8 metre clearance and truck restriction, which are clearly marked on the bridge. The City and Guelph Police Service City asks truck drivers to obey posted signs.

What will the City do to permanently solve the problem?

Some of the current signs are temporary in nature and will be replaced with permanent signage. In addition, we will continue to work with downtown businesses to convey the clearance restriction to commercial vehicle operators.

Is the bridge safe for train traffic?

Yes. The bridge itself has not been hit nor scraped by trucks passing under the bridge.

How long will Wyndham Street be closed?

The road was reopened this afternoon.

Can Fire, transit and emergency vehicles travel under the crash beams?

Yes, all fire apparatus fits under the existing bridge, with the largest apparatus having clearance to spare.

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One Comment on “The bridge is open again”

  1. raymitchellformayor Says:

    Truck #6 just hit the bridge tonight. So glad your stop-gap efforts are meeting with so much success.

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