Investing to make cycling safe for everyone

November 4, 2013

Healthy Environment

Cycling needs to be safe if we expect people to use this healthy form of active transportation.

The following chart shows the increase in bike lanes over the last 13 years.

Picture1In 2012, we had 576 km of roadway according to the 2012 Public Works Annual Performance Report.  By my calculations, 17.5% of our roadways had a bike lane in 2012.

We should be proud of this progress to make cycling safe for those who choose this form of transportation or cannot drive an automobile e.g. children and youth under 16.

The Planning & Building, Engineering and Environment Committee receives a report this week summarizing the proposed investment in cycling safety over the next 10 years:

  • an additional 36 kms of on-road bike lanes through road construction ($10 million over 10 years with $1.7 million in 2014)
  • an additional 78 kms of on-road bike lanes through lane remarking ($450,000 over 10 years)
  • new off-road shared bike and pedestrian trails with additional kms still to be determined ($3 million over 10 years)

This represents a planned doubling of bike lane kms over 2013 numbers over the next 10 years. The cost? Approximately $13.5 million.  To put this investment in perspective, over the same period we anticipate spending over $164 million for roads (2014-2023 Capital Budget and Forecast page 25).

Great cities make sure they are safe and accessible to everyone – car owners and bike owners alike. 

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