Something different is happening here

November 7, 2013


This morning, I had the pleasure of presenting my annual State of the City address to about 200 people at a breakfast event sponsored by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

A major theme was what sets Guelph apart – what is that unique value proposition that allows our city to attract and retain businesses and the talented people they need to run them.

As a City, we are differentiating Guelph with municipal policies that drive innovation, a commitment to open government, a collaborative wellbeing initiative, and the transformation of our downtown.

You can read the speech here  and read the news release here.

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One Comment on “Something different is happening here”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Would be great to have that 2 way train to Toronto/KW except the connections to Guelph Transit are terrible for a so called interregional transportation hub to get to and from work or home.

    Train comes in and riders would have to wait for up to 30 minutes for a bus. When us riders have a 3 hour round trip train ride to Toronto plus 8 hours of working we DO NOT want to wait. Other cities have buses waiting as train arrives to make commute seamless.

    That was what was promised in 2011 by City Hall when this opened and many of us riders have waited patiently but have not seen it happen and gave up instead choosing to parking on side streets for free (since there is no parking like Acton/Kitchener) and walking to our cars or getting picked up.

    Before we get two way trains, lets get the ridership and the transit systems to connect to build the ridership numbers so we can get those trains. Otherwise, this whole interregional transit hub has been a waste.

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