Normalizing continuous improvement

The 2013 City of Guelph budget – all in – was $425,239,200. Yes, almost half a billion dollars. That is the scale of the business.

So when the organization moves on a corporate level to embrace better ways to deliver service and work efficiently, the numbers won’t be trivial.

  • Optimization of investment practices in Finance has led to an additional $604,000 in the first 6 months of this year.
  • Changes in the management of employee benefits recently yielded approximately $1,000,000 in savings.
  • And the Overtime Audit is signalling the potential of approximately $3,000,000 in savings.

The Internal Audit function is a powerful tool for Council to fulfill its responsibility to the community.

And it is more than that.

The Internal Audit function is also a powerful tool for management to fulfill their responsibility to Council and taxpayers.

Smart managers will recognize that the Internal Auditor is a valued business partner who can bring independence and rigorous methodology to the practice of continuous improvement – the good news is that our Internal Auditor has managers knocking on her door for advice.

And it is even more than that.

The Internal Audit function brings a new standard of disclosure to the practice of continuous improvement that will serve to build community trust in local government.

I am not downplaying the significance of some of the practices exposed by the Internal Auditor in the Overtime Audit Report.  The CAO is acting definitively to address all of the recommendations and is taking immediate action to reset how overtime is managed.

However, as we continue to do business differently, in this case, through a more transparent and disciplined practice of continuous improvement, challenging the status quo will become norm not an exception.

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