Great cities forge their own future


Great cities forge their own future.

When our forefathers established the Arkell Spring Grounds, they left a legacy. One hundred years later, these lands supply 60% of Guelph’s water.

Environmental stewardship – including reducing and repurposing as much waste as possible – is good business practice.

Guelph has surpassed its target to divert 65% of residential waste from landfill by 2016 – ahead of schedule and well on our way to 90% diversion. New waste systems continue to be reviewed and refined to reduce handling times and operating costs.

Great cities leave a legacy, not a liability.

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One Comment on “Great cities forge their own future”

  1. Bill McLellan Says:

    Great! But we could divert even more if the government would highly regulate packaging. 90% of my waste is packaging – doesn’t matter if it is recycled or not, it still consumes resources. Our society still hasn’t done a good job of coercing fast food companies etc. to eliminate wrappings and throwaways. I used to ask my students what they thought the ‘life’ of a burger wrapper/ container was at a MacDonald’s or Harvies. Spoiler: the answer is the time it takes you to walk from the counter to the table. Isn’t that pathetic? Can the city do something tax or waste-cost wise to put the gears to such companies?

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