Update on response to ice storm (fallen branches)

January 7, 2014


From the Forestry Team:

Extreme cold currently has forestry work restricted almost entirely to ground work, mostly chipping branches and removing any remaining branches obstructing sidewalks. This will be the focus until the end of this week. Roads are clear of branches, and significant tree hazards along boulevards have been neutralized.

Priority will now shift to clearing some of the major community pathways and areas of heavy traffic in parks.

The substantial work of chipping remaining piles of branches lying in boulevards is a lower priority, and also awaits a softening of the icy crust that presents an operational challenge to this task. We are still at least several weeks away from completion of the cleanup.

We currently have all forestry staff working in 2 crews, and one outside contractor chipping crew.


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5 Comments on “Update on response to ice storm (fallen branches)”

  1. Tara Says:

    What about dangling branches. There is still a dangling branch across the street from me and has been there since Dec 21. It is directly over the sidewalk in an area near a school and park. The caution tape has been taken (or blown) down, but the branch has not yet.

  2. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Tara,
    Please call 519-837-5628 with the location. Thanks for your patience – crews are working as fast as they can, and the weather has not been kind lately!

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  3. Laura Says:

    A bunch of branches fell in my backyard. How do I dispose of them? Will they get collected if I leave them at the curb or the front lawn?

  4. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Laura,

    Branches can be brought to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre on Dunlop Drive (http://guelph.ca/venue/waste-resource-innovation-centre-2/) for free disposal. Branches from private property are not being picked up at the curb. For more information please cick here:http://guelph.ca/2014/01/guelph-continues-storm-cleanup-recovery/

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  5. Laura Says:

    thank you! 🙂

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