All in a day’s work of a transit driver

Council was sent an interesting message from our General Manager of Transit.  It provides an interesting lens into the  role transit drivers play in keeping Guelph a safe community:

 Last night Transit personnel were involved in two incidents that show their commitment to the community

Last night Guelph Police Services put out an alert for a missing person suffering from dementia. One of our operators spotted the person along their route, got them on a bus, and notified their supervisor who contacted the police who returned the person safely to their home.

In a second incident another driver witnessed an assault at a bus stop. The people boarded the bus and rode peacefully to Guelph Central Station.  When they exited the bus, the abuse continued. Our driver contacted the supervisor on duty who contacted the police. Guelph Police Services responded and broke up a domestic assault and took one person into custody.

The actions of Transit staff resulted in positive outcomes in both instances



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One Comment on “All in a day’s work of a transit driver”

  1. Mahesh Says:

    As a resident of Guelph, I appreciate both of these drivers for their commendable job for the community!!

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