Community Engagement part of Guelph’s DNA

January 24, 2014


I knew community engagement is part of Guelph’s DNA – here’s the proof – I like the “no wrangling” part.  This signals the birth of the Chamber of Commerce:

CE guelph 1827

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One Comment on “Community Engagement part of Guelph’s DNA”

  1. Lloyd Longfield Says:

    We need to re-examine that “no wrangling” policy again. That is priceless! Thanks for sharing the earliest record of the Guelph Chamber. It took a few years to have our incorporation passed in parlaiment; March 4, 1868. I hope parlaiment had a similar policy in place. Now that would be something to see.

    We had a great meeting today with the City, County, business and education, looking at our priorities for the coming year. We “acquainted one to the other, freeing ourselves of the different thoughts, suggestions, and imaginations pertaining to the welfare of our town.” And no WRANGLING!

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