Yep – it is snowing – latest from the street

February 1, 2014


As at 12:30pm, Saturday February 1st 2014

The City of Guelph is now getting the steady snowfall that was predicted. Environment Canada continues to issue a snow warning of 15 cm of snow accumulation over next 24hrs. We have had 2 cm since last update but will experience steady and continuous snowfall until 9pm tonight at which time it will turn to rain. Temperature is now at -1C and will continue to rise throughout the afternoon.

The impact of this weather front remains the same as previously reported. Everyone commuting today should consider conditions and adjust their planning accordingly. There is some risk of flooding in low lying areas and staff are keeping watch on these locations.

Public Works have staff have the full compliment of snow/salter trucks out on all 8 main routes and 4 secondary routes. Salt is working well and roads are being reported as bare but wet. There will be a crew shift change at approximately 7pm where we have planned another full complement of staff to come in and get us through the night. Sidewalk plow crews have not yet deployed as the 4 cm threshold has not been met; however, staff have been called in as it is anticipated we will be. Downtown staff and trail/parking lot staff have also been called.

Based on weather forecasts, staff have planned for a residential plowout starting at 11pm tonight. Thresholds have not been met yet, but it is likely we will get there. Contracted crews will work throughout the night to clear residential streets with a view to having a significant portion completed by 7am. Residents should expect windrows at end of driveways as a result of this operation. Snow is likely to be wet and heavy. A reminder to all that contractors have been instructed to do their best to “even out” the size of windrows equitably across all frontages; however, this is not always possible given road design.

Fire, EMS and Guelph Transit are reporting no interruptions to their service at this time.

Next update is scheduled for 8pm tonight, to confirm the residential plowout is a go.

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One Comment on “Yep – it is snowing – latest from the street”

  1. Kris Says:

    So will we be getting our streets plowed this evening at all? Or will we be living with the with the possibility that we will not be able to get out of our driveways once again?

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