Final update from Public Works

February 2, 2014


Here is the closing update from this snow event from Public Works.

I just shovelled out my drive and sidewalk. It is heavy going but easier today than it will be as it freezes over the next few days. So pace yourself.

Just as I finished my driveway, the plow went by and filled it in – so yes it happens to everyone. But my street is much better and I got some more fresh air and exercise.

As at 8:00am, Sunday February 2st 2014

The snow alert for the City of Guelph has been lifted. There is no significant precipitation expected until Wednesday evening. Temperatures are now at -5C and will go down to -12C overnight. This will cause the wet snow we have received to “freeze up” and crust over.

The residential plowout is about 60% complete and should be fully complete at 1pm today.

No flooding has been reported at this time. Public Works staff remain on watch.

Public Works have staff have the full compliment of snow/salter trucks out on all 8 main routes and 4 secondary routes. Roads crews will be eased back into a rest cycle as the situation dictates. Right now the roads are being reported as fair to good with running water on most. Drivers still need to adjust speeds and drive accordingly for normal winter conditions. Sidewalk plows continue to be deployed and are pushing into the residential neighbourhoods as soon as possible. These crews are also responsible for clearing bust stops and major pedestrian crossings, so cleanup will take up to 5 days to complete, assuming no new snow. The “freeze up” of snow will hamper efforts to cleanup. Downtown staff and trail/parking lot staff continue to work in their areas.

Fire, EMS and Guelph Transit are reporting no significant issues or disruptions with their service.

This will be the last update for this weather event. If the situation changes significantly, staff will update. Public Works staff will be focused on clean-up and preparing for the next front moving in on Wednesday.

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