Two-way GO service gaining momentum

February 6, 2014

Jobs & the Economy

Here is a handy summary of the business case for full day, two-way GO train service from Toronto to Guelph and Waterloo Region.

The business case is gaining momentum; read all about it here.

These maps show the remarkable similaries in distance and size between the Toronto-Waterloo Region corridor and the Silicon Valley.

The key difference between these globally-significant startup clusters is that Silicon Valley is supported by two-way commuter rail service; our region is not.


GO Train map TO to KW

GO Train map Silicon Valley

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4 Comments on “Two-way GO service gaining momentum”

  1. Rob Says:

    I support this, however, how come we are not working to do a better job with what we have already to build the ridership and demand for GO service even more. Two key points keep being raised by the public and not addressed satisfactorily by Council or Staff: Lack of smooth transit connections and lack of parking.

    Holding buses doe not work due to the schedule and average lateness of the trains. SO why not explore putting shuttle buses in the evenings to meet the trains like Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, and others do. In terms of parking, Acton and Kitchener both have a handful of parking spots, Why is it so hard to do the same here using the lot near the station or across from the police station.

    Please, please do something about theses concerns raised for the last two years with no response.

  2. ksulliva Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your comment. Guelph Transit advises that there is a morning GO shuttle, but it typically sees no more than 10 customers per route per day – an indication that, during the evening period, regular Transit routes are sufficient to carry GO passengers.

    On the parking issue, a parking master plan study is underway that looks at downtown parking issues – including near Guelph Central Station. Monthly parking permits are available for the West Parkade and other downtown lots. GO has said they’re satisfied that the current parking facilities meet their customers’ needs.

    I hope that helps. Regards,

    Kate Sullivan
    Mayor’s Office

  3. Mary Hood Says:

    I’d like to disagree with Transit Management.

    As a frequent Guelph Transit rider and GO user, myself and many of others have e-mailed, phoned and written for the past 2 plus years with no results, only excuses.

    1) There are additional GO riders who DO NOT use the shuttle (many of us didn’t even know it exists! There have No ads since 2011. I myself only found out from Twitter!) numbering between at least roughly 15-20 by our count (3 on my route alone) who use the regular routes between 5:45am and 6:15am. So those numbers provided are flawed beyond belief and don’t show the real demand.

    2) Dozens and dozens of us asked Transit (via e-mail twitter etc.) over the past 2 years, especially right after when GO service started, for transit to hold the buses when the train came in. I’ll note that then the first and busiest train arrival was at 6:15pm arrival but now it is almost impossible due to the schedule of the train and buses. hence why the shuttle suggestion seems perfect to many of us. Previous transit management did not take any of this seriously thus why everyone, including myself, has either found alternatives or is forced to wait up to 25 minutes in the cold for the next bus.

    It can be a 12 hour day with the commute for most of us so many of us are just tired and want to get home already. So it is no wonder why Transit is using flawed data to justify not having an evening shuttle service. Evenings usually have higher ridership, (many who I have either talked to or overheard complain about the lack of buses) So I would suggest, before just shooting down the suggestion, that maybe, you know, Transit go out and 1) advertise the AM shuttle, 2) ask the riders of the GO if they would use a shuttle and 3) maybe try testing it out before making up their mind with flawed data.

    The demand is there but after two plus years of not being heard, everyone gave up. Maybe it’s time you change that before you go out and try to get all day service.

    Thank you.

  4. kfarbridge Says:

    Mary, have discussed with Chair of Operations, Transit and Emergency Services and he advises that there will be a report to his committee regarding this matter. This won’t be immediate but I can at least advise this will get before a committee of Council.

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