Full-Day, Two-Way GO Train Service Between Waterloo Region and the Greater Toronto Area

March 18, 2014

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Read the press release here.

I am thrilled that the significant advocacy that Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph have undertaken over the past few months, including the development of a business case for full-day, two way GO Train service, has been successful.

The Province’s commitment to increased service over the short-term is important and welcome. But it is the investment in the upgrades to the rail corridor and the building of the new train layover facility that is absolutely critical to delivering on full-day, two way GO Train service. Without this investment, we will never have the service we are seeking. It’s very good news that the Province has committed to this infrastructure today.

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4 Comments on “Full-Day, Two-Way GO Train Service Between Waterloo Region and the Greater Toronto Area”

  1. kate fraser Says:

    How much will this cost Cambridge?

  2. AW Says:

    What about the houses near the railway line? Are there any plans to compensate owners for more noise pollution?

  3. Dennis Galon Says:

    Way to go, Karen!

    Commuting is becoming a way of life for more and more Guelphites. Perhaps it is because so much of many people’s net worth is tied up in their home, that we ever more seem to be willing to commute rather than move.

    I am retired, so this service is not going to impact me that much, even though I would prefer to leave the car and its pains behind when I have to spend the day in Toronto. My personal experience of how convenient rail service can greatly improve one’s commuting experience come from my days in New York as a student–I lived “up state” as New Yorkers call anything north of the city, and had to commute into the city for some classes and library work. Trains are fantastic–you can work on them so time seem to pass much faster.

    Please, keep pushing this issue, keep on your fellow mayors driving them to stay the course, and keep at the province. Only they can make it happen.

  4. Nancy-Guelph Says:

    What incredible news this was. As the wife of a commuter to Toronto, I can tell you that the positive impact this will have on my husband and on our family life will be life changing. Let’s keep up the momentum!

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