Infrastructure = service = quality of life

Last week, Premier Wynne announced her government’s commitment to invest in full day two-way GO Rail service between Toronto and our area.

Many conversations and interviews later, I am reflecting on the ongoing need to connect infrastructure investments to services and quality of life.

There is a reason why municipalities and their provincial and national associations talk about infrastructure funding so much.

The community’s response to the idea of full day two-way GO Rail service has been overwhelmingly positive.  It says to me that people get the many benefits of providing this service – job creation, less congestion, improved air quality, and more.  This connection is strong. However, it is the connection between services and infrastructure that is not always as apparent.

We build water pipes to deliver water to homes and businesses.  The water we deliver is tested over 20,000 times each year to ensure it is safe to drink.

Water pipes (infrastructure) = municipal water (service) = safe drinking water (quality of life)

The $18 million Laird Road interchange and overpass provides for the convenient access to several business and industrial parks in the area – so it will play a huge role in maintaining or creating about 20,000 local jobs.

Interchange (infrastructure) = movement of people and goods (service) = jobs (quality of life)

In the same way we cannot have municipal water service without the pipes, we cannot have full day two-way rail service without upgrades to the rail corridor’s infrastructure.

Upgraded rail corridor infrastructure = full day, two-way rail service = quality of life

The advocacy is far from over on this file and we must continue to push for this investment with both the provincial and federal governments.

The investment over several years will not be insignificant and it is the compelling business case which is getting everyone “all aboard”.

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