How are Ontarians really doing?

April 30, 2014


The Canadian Index of Wellbeing has released a new report that analyses how well people in Ontario are doing in the areas of their lives that matter the most. You can read the press release here and you can read the full study, called “How Are Ontarians Really Doing?” here.

The study shows that, over a 17-year period, GDP in Ontario has grown almost four times more than our overall wellbeing. The study was commissioned by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, a Provincial foundation that invests more than $100 million annually in non-profit organizations. The Trillium Foundation has announced it will use the Canadian Index of Wellbeing as a measurement framework and baseline in its granting process.

As part of Guelph Wellbeing, we are already using the Canadian Index of Wellbeing locally. Guelph Wellbeing is looking at how we can improve quality of life for everyone by using our local resources better. Find out more at

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