The case for renovating and expanding Police HQ is in

May 9, 2014


The Guelph Police Services Board considered the business case for the renovation and expansion of the current police head quarters.

The compelling case why we need to address deficiencies at police headquarters has been made well – security and safety concerns, privacy concerns for victims, costly repairs, roof leaks, a growing city and more.

After considering several options, the case to renovate and expand the existing facility has now been confirmed by the Board. Why? Because it is the least expensive, has the lowest risk of additional delays and costs, is more accessible and is the right place for this civic institution.

So why are we making this capital investment? Policing is a core municipal service and this infrastructure – a building – supports the efficient and effective delivery of this service to our community. Maintaining and upgrading this infrastructure, to meet current and future needs, is no different than maintaining and upgrading the pipes that deliver drinking water to our homes. All infrastructure – whether a building, road or pipe – delivers a service. When infrastructure fails or is inadequate to meet the needs of a community, our safety and quality of life is put at risk.

 The business case and recommendation has been fowarded to City Council and will be considered at a June meeting.

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3 Comments on “The case for renovating and expanding Police HQ is in”

  1. Kira Says:

    Where can folks access a copy of what is being presented at Council? Or better yet, where can folks get a summary? (I assume the document is lengthy and technical)

  2. kevin4mayor Says:

    Where can folks get a copy of the submission to council? Or better yet, where can they get a plain language summary? (I assume the document is lengthy and technical.)

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