What say you, MPP candidates?

May 15, 2014


It was a great visual – four local provincial political candidates standing together to protect Guelph’s water supply and expressing concern regarding the Ministry of Environment’s decision last year to grant an amended permit to take water to River Valley Developments Inc. for operation of the former Dolime quarry.

Local political candidates stand together to protect Guelph’s water supply – Guelph Mercury

Many important municipal issues get debated in provincial elections – affordable housing, transit, job creation, infrastructure funding and much more.

Local issues of course don’t always make the provincial stage.

So what are some other Guelph issues that our local candidates might comment on?  Here are four:

Two-way all-day GO Rail service – We understand that a significant amount of infrastructure work is required prior to the arrival of two-way, faster, all-day train service to our region and that the financial resources need to be established.  I would appreciate knowing whether the successful local MPP will advocate for the financial resources to make this important infrastructure investment and two-way all-day GO Rail service a reality.

Guelph Innovation District – Council just approved an exciting vision for the redevelopment of lands in the east-end.  The Province of Ontario is the major landowner (former correctional centre).  I would appreciate knowing what the successful local MPP would be prepared to do to ensure the City has a voice with respect to the disposition of the property, and to ensure the City’s interests are considered through this process.

Designation of The Elliott – The City was just days away from Ministerial approval of the designation of The Elliott as Guelph’s municipal long-term care facility. We have been working to achieve this approval for over a decade (and yes that was the sound of us banging our head’s against the wall when the election was called).  I would appreciate knowing what the successful local MPP would be prepared to do to ensure this approval proceeds without delay after the election.

Expanded presence of Conestoga College in Guelph – Our economic development strategy identified the need to expand the presence of Conestoga College in Guelph.  Recent discussions have centred on the opportunity of Conestoga College serving as an anchor and catalyst of the redevelopment of the Baker Street District.  I would appreciate knowing what the successful local MPP would be prepared to do to realize a much-needed expanded presence of Conestoga College in Guelph.

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One Comment on “What say you, MPP candidates?”

  1. James Gordon Campaign Says:

    Thank you Mayor Farbridge for putting forward these important priorities. James has offered a response, available at: http://www.jamesgordonndp.ca/mayorsresponse.

    All the best.

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