Why have we lowered the speed limit in school zones?

School zone

This Spring, Council made a decision that says, when you drive in Guelph, you slow down near an elementary school – any elementary school. We lowered the speed limit in elementary school zones to 30 km/h on local roads at all times, and 40 km/h on arterial roads on school days from 8-9 a.m. and 3-4 p.m.

Why? Our community cares about the safety of our children. We want to make it easier and safer for children to walk to school. This change supports and reflects those values.

You may have noticed the new signs cropping up around the city. The speed limits are enforced as soon as the signs are installed.


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4 Comments on “Why have we lowered the speed limit in school zones?”

  1. Cory Dennis Says:

    I have nothing against having signs in front of elementary schools telling the driver to slow down for kids that might be around noon hours, after school or even midnight and weekends as the case is now. But here in MY part of Canada i began realizing the the whole thing is a big scam…A money grabber!! why do i think that? Because i had noticed that it’s just not elementary schools that have these signs placed all around them… But also there are colleges and trade schools as well that have the signs placed all around it and expected to be obeyed, there is a bible college that have these signs and also an Adult learning center, i’ve noticed. These are places when you wouldn’t be seeing a little school kid walking around. That’s when i noticed that this law is nothing but big money grabbing Scam. The last thing these strange law makers are concerned about is your kids, they want your MONEY! there has never been a law in Canada that hasn’t gotten completely out of control (ie. outrageous fines, harsh punishments..etc) and this is just another way to get your money. It’s a money grabbing scam , thats all this is!!

  2. kfarbridge Says:

    This new policy to lower speed limits was brought forward by a member of Council is a former teacher and principal. His singular purpose was the safety of children. So I must respectfully disagree with your conclusion. In our community, we slow down in school zones.

  3. Marg Harbin Says:

    I’m happy to see the reduced speed limits in school zones. The safety of children should always be a priority. However, I object to the fact that the reduction is in place all day every day, instead of around school hours.

  4. Karen Farbridge Says:

    Thanks for your comments Mary. I know our staff will monitor the effectiveness of the new program. I can tell you that cost was one of the considerations that the committee considered and why they went with time of day restricted speed reductions on arterial roads only and not on collector and local roads. Staff also provided the following rationale for reducing speeds at all times on collector and local roads: “Schools, particularly on collector/local roadways, are more often used by a neighbourhood outside of school hours, year round This supports implementing a reduced speed limit that is in effect at all times.”

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