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Psyched on Cycling

May 27, 2011

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Cycling students celebrate first 100 km For immediate release (May 25, 2011) High school students from both Guelph school boards will celebrate riding over 100 kilometers with – what else – more cycling. They will converge on McCrae House by riding on the first completed north/south bike lanes through the city along Gordon/Norfolk/Woolwhich. With more […]

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Making cycling safer in Guelph

May 27, 2011

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Bike Box

The Guelph Active Communities Summit is happening today at the Arboretum and people are gathered to talk about how drivers and cyclists can safely “Share the Road”. The Bicycle-Friendly Guelph Initiative aims to triple daily cycling trips by 2018 by making it safer and more convenient to ride a bicycle in our community. On the convenience side, we have added bike […]

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Funding for bicycle plan

January 11, 2009

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I have had interest in the past on this blog about the City’s efforts to promote the use of bicycles in Guelph. We recently received funding to support our plans.  The following was a piece published in the Guelph Tribune: Bicycle plan gets funding  Jan 09, 2009 A cycling initiative in Guelph will be established […]

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Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community

June 20, 2008


There have been way too many bicycle accidents so far this year in Guelph. There is a good editorial on this in a recent issue of the Ontarion at:  http://www.theontarion.ca/viewsection.php?list_sec=Editorial Council has recently approved a Bicycle-Friendly Guelph Project developed by our Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, Jennifer McDowell. This is an excerpt from the report that went […]

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