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What is the pace?

June 12, 2012

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I posted previously on the Corporate Strategic Framework moving forward to Council – Delivering on doing Business Differently. Our Executive Team has identified several strategic initiatives for 2012 to support the implementation of the strategic plan.  More than half of these initiatives are already underway. A good example is the Older Adult Strategy.  The Guelph […]

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Delivering on “doing business differently”

May 23, 2012

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Our CAO and Executive Team presented the framework and 2012 strategic activities (priorities) for the Corporate Strategic Plan to the Governance Committee yesterday. In doing so, they have challenged the organization – including Council – to walk the talk. We should expect nothing less from our CAO and senior management. It feels uncomfortable and it should.  We asked […]

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Let’s be Candid – Part 3

December 15, 2011


I know I shouldn’t be shocked so let me use the word “appalled” instead. I am appalled by those people who have absolutely no compunction in hurting our community to advance their own personal agendas – whatever they might be.  I am referring to comments we too frequently read in the media and on social media […]

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Let’s be Candid – Part 2

December 14, 2011

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Guelph has made lots of “liveability” lists over the years. MSN called Guelph “Canada’s next most liveable city” outside of the big three of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Researcher and author Richard Florida ranked Guelph as one of the country’s top five places to live for single people, professionals, and families. We regularly rank highly […]

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Let’s be candid

December 12, 2011


I welcome the report that was “leaked” to the public. Not just because its very existence was driven by Council’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy – Prosperity 2020. Not just because they report would have become public when staff reported back to Council. Not just because it precipitated a constructive conversation today with a new industrythat has […]

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