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The case for renovating and expanding Police HQ is in

May 9, 2014


The Guelph Police Services Board considered the business case for the renovation and expansion of the current police head quarters. The compelling case why we need to address deficiencies at police headquarters has been made well – security and safety concerns, privacy concerns for victims, costly repairs, roof leaks, a growing city and more. After […]

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Guelph Police Service Annual Report

September 15, 2011

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I attended the Guelph Police Service Board meeting today and we received a copy of the Annual Report. If you are interested in learning more about the remarkable service they provide, this is a great place to start. Here are some of the highlights noted at the meeting: crime rates in Guelph fell overal between 2009 and […]

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170th Anniversary of our Guelph Police Service

June 18, 2010

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On this day in 1840 “a proclamation was passed to create the District of Wellington.  With Guelph as the administrative seat of the District, Guelph was given rights to “Town” status, which enabled it to establish a municipal police force.  The Chief Constable appointed in 1840 was John Jones, but he was also an appointed […]

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Finger Prints Through Time

December 3, 2009

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The Guelph Police Services has released, ‘Fingerprints Through Time – A History of the Guelph Police’. This is not your typical history book.  Police Sergeant Douglas Pflug, head of media and communications for the Guelph Police Services, pitched the idea to Council just under a year ago. Doug was inspired by a July 2008 Guelph Mercury […]

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