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Guelph tops in residential waste diversion

February 25, 2014

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We made it official at last night’s Council meeting, as Dean Wyman (General Manager of Solid Waste Resources) and I accepted the Ron Lance Memorial Award from Waste Diversion Ontario. On the left is Michael Scott, CEO of Waste Diversion Ontario, and on the right is Will Mueller, Waste Diversion Ontario’s Oversight Analyst for the Blue Box […]

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Inside Guelph: Leadership on district energy and waste diversion

February 19, 2014

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Congratulations Guelph! We are #1 again

January 22, 2014


When I returned to office in 2007, I was shocked at the neglect of our waste management system.  The infrastructure was literally rotting.  We had fallen so far from our leadership position in Ontario. I was determined to turn this around. Fortunately, Council and the community were behind me. Waste Diversion Ontario has issued a […]

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Old dumps a liability

November 3, 2013

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I have met some “old-timers” who remember taking their garbage in a wheel barrow down to the banks of Speed and Eramosa rivers to dispose of it in unofficial dumps.  The practice fell  our of favour about 50 or so years ago. The City has offered curb-side pick up of residential waste for many decades.  Some […]

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Food Waste Pilot Project

July 23, 2013

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Our Solid Waste Resources staff and the Professor of Sustainable Food Production in the Department of Plant Agriculture at the University of Guelph and his students, are conducting a joint research project—called the Food Waste Pilot Project—to study food waste behaviour.  The research team will weigh organics, recyclables and garbage bags set at the curb for […]

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Condos and Carts

July 16, 2013


Last night at the Corporate Administration, Finance and Enterprise Services Committee, we received a presentation from representatives of condominium owners.  The gallery was full. Simply put, some condominium owners are seeking a rebate on taxes.  This is not a new issue and the City’s response has been consistent and can be found on the website.  […]

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Rolling out the carts

July 9, 2012

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With all the news, information, and advertising residents receive on a daily basis, it’s not easy for the City to reach through the clutter and get out information people need to know – such as the fact that we’re moving from bags to carts for waste pick-up, starting with one third of the city this fall. […]

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Waste not

June 20, 2012

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Two interesting stories from our Waste Resource Innovation Centre: Call2Recycle – The City of Guelph has been participating in this battery recycling program and we were recentlyrecognized for having one of the highest collection levels nationally in 2011.  Thanks to our staff for making this program available to our residents and way to go Guelph for your use […]

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Conservation Calendar arrives November 29

November 25, 2011

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The City’s Conservation Calendar – with its all-important waste collection schedule and sorting guide – will arrive at Guelph homes on Tuesday, November 29 as an insert in the Guelph Tribune. You can also view it online after the 29th at guelph.ca/environment.

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Guelph begins composting again

September 27, 2011


We officially opened Guelph’s new Organic Waste Processing Facility this morning. This is an important milestone for our community: the organic waste that residents and businesses leave at the curb will now be turned into clean, useful compost instead of being shipped to an incinerator in New York State. The facility was designed and built by […]

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